Pairing Whiskey and Food

You might be familiar with the concept of pairing wine and food. However, a lot of individuals nowadays are beginning to explore the tasty possibilities of pairing whiskey and food. It isn’t really a new concept. However, it’s something that has become a trend in recent years.

Of course, whiskey boasts a huge range of various characters and flavors. This depends on the type of grain utilized, the style of the distillery, and the whiskey’s personality they are trying to make.

Though there are a lot of great suggestions out there for pairing whiskey and food, it’s the type of thing that needs a lot of subjective exploration. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most popular pairings for Weller whiskey and food.

Whiskey and Cheese

Whiskey is a great pairing for cheese, just like with wine. There is something about those tangy and strong taste and the way that whiskey cuts through the cheese’s fattiness that makes this pairing actually unique.

Although, you perhaps want to stay away from fresher and milder cheese when it comes to whiskey pairing. Almost every whiskey will simply overwhelm their creamy and subtle taste. Try having an aged and good cheddar together with whiskey aged in a Sherry cask.

Smoky Food and Smokey Whiskey

There are a lot of whiskeys out there that has a superb smokiness. Sometimes, this is because of how the peat has been used, or due to the whiskey being aged in charred barrels. These spirits would quite much work with any smoky food you can think of. The reason for this is that this match pairing is going to be difficult to ruin.

Breezier and lighter whiskeys work great with smoked salmon. The reason for this is that the notes of sweetness also works great with the decadent and sweet flesh of the fish. Medium-bodied whiskeys will be great with mackerel or other smoked fish.

Steak and Whiskey

Steak and whiskey are perhaps the most popular pairing out there. This works on a lot of various levels. For instance, the caramelized sweetness of the spirit lifts the deep savories of the meat. However, that is just the start.

Steak works really well with single-pot Irish whiskey. However, there are a lot of choices open for you. This depends on what cut of meat you like.

Sweets and Whiskey

Whiskey works great with a huge variety of desserts and sweet foods, unlike almost every wine. The most natural option of sweet stuff to pair with whiskey is straight-up dark chocolate. This has a subtle sweetness and bitter taste. However, it is not the only path you can take without a doubt. British-style rich puddings such as sticky toffee pudding and steamed syrup sponge are also tasty. This is particularly true if you combine it with whiskey that makes the most of its own deliciousness.

These are just some of the most popular whiskey pairings out there. You can always make your own pairings by doing a bit of experimentation. You might end up recommending some of your discoveries.

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