Difference between Standing Seams and Exposed Fastener: Metal Roofing

If you think you need to reroof now, think about other roofing options that you have never tried before. For instance, metal roofing Modesto can provide just as several advantages and can last very long. In terms of investment, having a metal roof is an option where you cannot go wrong. If you’re curious about the perks that metal roofing can offer and the difference between standings seam and exposed fastener, read on this article until the end.

Standing seam

In standing seam roofing, the fasteners are intended to be concealed beneath every metal panel, which makes a sleek and seamless appearance that provides your home a modern and higher quality vibe. The major advantage you get with this metal roof style is that the fasteners are not exposed, allowing the metal to contract and expand better. As a result, that can help keeps the strength of your roof intact and prevent your property from any potential water damage. Meanwhile, its downside includes the fact that it’s more labor extensive and more expensive. The seams’ complexity is the main reason why you really have to look for a professional and experienced roofing contractor. If any repairs or damage take place, it’ll be a lot more challenging to perform and fix it by yourself. Every panel is required to be removed in the first place, making the procedure time-consuming and more complex.

Exposed fastener

An exposed fastener is a metal roofing style that’s utilized usually in residential properties to directly fasten the panels beneath the roof framing. The exposed style indicates that every fastener’s head is visible. The major advantage of this style is that it’s the cheapest way of installing a metal roof. Moreover, this design is less labor-intensive since the panels are wider. Apart from that, lesser tools and accessories will be required to fasten every panel, which will lower the installation costs even more. With visually exposed fasteners, you can get a house with a more traditional look, which is quite a trend within rural areas.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind if you install exposed fastener roofing. On top of this include the fact that there are more openings in your roofing compared to other procedures. The risk of this type of roofing is that there is a greater possibility that water will get inside and eventually leads to damage while the metal contracts and expands.

Though, regular roofing inspection and checkups can somehow help avoid future damages. Moreover, you can help maintain the appearance and functionality of your metal roof by inspecting for loose fasteners and clearing leaves and debris. While you think that its simpler installation process is the ideal DIY project you can take over, think again. Once the fasteners are not installed properly, they become loose and can pose danger to your home and your family members. Hence, it is really recommendable to just leave the installation and maintenance part to the experts’ hands.

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